About Us

South Atlantic Holdings Ltd is deeply ingrained in Seychelles (BR) and catering to the worldwide clients since inception in 1992. We are associated with various plants, mills and refineries and agricultural cooperatives. Our annual turnover is of USD 100 to 1 Billion Approx.

A Brief History
Started 30 years ago in a 50% partnership and association with famed and traditional trading houses, chiefly in Europe, which assisted us in selling our items using their strong trading financial power and structure, we have developed a celebrated name in the industry. Some of those companies are not active anymore.

What We Do?
As a respected name in the industry, we sell from and through our South American representative trading office and DPMT. It is responsible for the entire group sales and trading operations on C+F and CIF basis. As a known name, selling our commodities and group productions is our trading priority.

Governance and Principles
South Atlantic Holdings Ltd CompanyĆ¢€™s purpose is to serve our mills and clients by marketing and selling all our Group production worldwide, preferably on C+F or CIF basis, with some few restrictions for certain destinations.

Although most of our clients are final users and consumers, we also sell to resellers, wholesalers or distributors. We also welcome serious inquires coming from professional brokers or agents, provided international rules and norms are respected.

As much a possible, we try to enter in government business and international tender business. We are constantly open to develop long-term partnerships with new counter parties worldwide, provided first mutual trust and credibility is established.

Today's World Scenario
It is well known that EEC and USA markets, as well as other areas, are each day more protectionist, even more now that UK is practically out of EEC. Of course, without disregarding these markets, where we regularly sell, we try to concentrate and develop in new emerging promissory markets and new buyers.

Emerging markets, particularly Latin America, Asia, and some Arabic and African countries, are expanding and attracting an unpreceded volume of investments, offering business opportunities in several fields, as natural and unlimited source for agriculture products, raw material and commodities in general, where South America plays a special role in foreign trade, specially for raw materials and soft commodities.


Name of CEOs Mr. Martin R. Coble & Mr. George
Nature of Business Exporter

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